Feeling sad

So hey guys, things are tough around here, and i really need to take my mind off things, i want to play but i get bored ay to easly….any suggestions on ho to revive my passion for the game and my complete attention to it?

  1. simtress ha detto: I know what you mean though I tend to spend a lot of time decorating my Sims homes when I’m bored
  2. simminglychic ha risposto: Have you made any new sims? I would make a new sim and make up a fun story for them in my head.
  3. calicoskys ha risposto: Make characters from your favorite book and start a new family with them?
  4. skywardsims ha risposto: …Ever done an ISBI? That is really fun, I promise you. [Especially for a control freak like me.]
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